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Daily forecast of Ecuador UV Index

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Worried about those harmful rays? You should be. Here’s a great resource for a daily and hourly UV forecast in cities around the world, including Ecuador. I’m showing an example for the beach resort of Salinas in Santa Elena province, but you can look up any City, Country you like. You’ll get a great visualization of the UV index each hour of the day.

Your mommy always told you to avoid the midday sun, check the charts and you can see why. At the beaches in Ecuador, the UV index at midday is four times the index at 9:00 am, often peaking above 11 which is considered extreme. In fact, you should know that Ecuador has one of the highest UV Indexes in the world, so remember to use sunscreen and wear protective clothing for any extended period in the sun.

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Mark Cowtan
After nearly 30 years working in technology marketing in the UK and California, I emigrated to Ecuador, for a more balanced lifestyle and the luxury of living and working by the beach. Now, I help startups and small businesses with their Internet marketing.
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