Can you Surf in Spanish?

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Surfing Terms in SpanishIf you’re sharing the waves with locals, why not learn a few common surf terms in Spanish? Knowing a little Spanish can go a long way. Isn’t it better to hang out with locals, rather than staying in your clique? You’ll learn much more about local life and values, than by seeing a place only from the tourist perspective.

Obviously the best way to go is to get some Spanish lessons, and there are many schools at the bigger surf towns. Some surf schools even offer surf / Spanish combos. But, if you don’t have time, here are a few Spanish translations for common surfing terms.

About Waves and Conditions

surfers – surfistas
beach break – fondo de arena
point break – fondo de piedra
reef break – fondo de coral
a set – un grupo
choppy – picado
close outs – cerradas
curl – hueco
deep – profundo
foam – espuma
glassy – de vidrio
inside – adentro
it is crowded – está lleno
mellow – tranquilo
outside – afuera
steep – angulo
the coast – la costa
the current – la corriente
the face – la car
a the lip – el labio
the peak – la cresta
the point -el punto
the tide – la marea
the tube – el tubo
the wall – el pared
to the left – a la izquierda
to the right – a la derecha
a wave – una ola
the waves – lat olas

About Boards and Surfers

the nose – nariz, punta
the tail – la cola
leash – leash
rail – riel
fins – las quillas
wax – cera
surfboard – una tabla
longboard – tabla
larga shortboard – tabla corta

Miscellaneous Phrases

surf lessons – Clases de surf
to learn Spanish – aprender Español
how do I get there? – ¿Cómo llegar?
what is your name? – ¿cuál es su nombre?
My name is … – Me llamo …
Nice to meet you – mucho gusto

About Surfing Moves

to surf – surfear
a carve – un giro fluido
a bottom turn – un giro abajo
to drop in -bajar
to fall – caer
to swim – nader
to paddle – remar
to wipeout – azotar
to cutback – recortar
to ride – correr
to wait – esperar
to catch (a wave) – agarrar
aerial – aéreo
style – estilio
backside – de espalda
frontside – de frente

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