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Who Cleans Salinas and Chipipe Beach?

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Licensed hawkers on Salinas and Chipipe beach wear a uniform and carry a badge.

Even in high season, the two main beaches in Salinas are usually spotless and the sea is clear of trash. How is this possible, when a few thousand beach-goers hit the beaches every weekend from January thru March?

Actually, it is a remarkable feat of organization which does not come naturally to Ecuadoreans!

All the hawkers you see on the beach are licensed by the city of Salinas to do so. They pay dues to an association which gives them occasional loans or bails them out of trouble, if their equipment is broken or stolen, or if they get injured. So they can continue making a living on the beach.

In return, they each have a duty to clean the beaches on a roster, for one session every two days.The hawkers who rent canopies, are responsible for clearing litter left behind by their respective renters, while everyone else combs the beach to pick up anything else. Both Salinas beach and Chipipe beach are cleaned twice a day, at 7 am and again at 6 pm with crews of about 30 people during each session. In the morning session, the beaches are also groomed by a tractor.

The city of Salinas puts garbage cans all over the beaches and empties them daily, so there is really no excuse for littering. Please do your part for the environment. Take your garbage away, so it doesn’t end up in the ocean before they get to it!

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