Tired of Ceviche? Get some red meat!

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Had enough fish? You’ll find the best American style burgers and steaks at the Score sports bar which is part of  Hostal Aqui in Salinas. Owners, Wil and Wendy from Kentucky have got it down. Thursday nights is steak night, with the most fabulous, succulent steaks you can imagine. Cooked on the barbeque. Other nights you can get superb hamburgers, better than most gourmet hamburger joints in the US, right here in Salinas. The Ceasar salad is excellent too. Food and drinks in a cosy bar for ~$10 a head, you can’t go wrong.

The Aqui hostel is a popular Salinas ex-pat hangout. Not a rowdy bar, nor a home for bar flys or bar slobs. No, it is a place where you can have a mature intelligent conversation, and plug in to a like-minded community of brave ex-pats, who appreciate this beautiful country of Ecuador. Not to mention the exceptionally friendly and generous hosts, Wil and Wendy Taylor.

Unlike many hotels and hostels along the Salinas Malecón, the folks at Hostal Aqui get what most North American travelers expect when it comes to accommodation: uncluttered rooms with private shower, comfortable beds, aircon that works, Cable and Free Wi-Fi that doesn’t crap-out every 10 minutes. And don’t worry about the noise, the bar clears out by 10, and it is far enough from downtown Salinas, that you don’t hear the all-night Disco, wedding parties till 4 am, or anything else to disturb your beauty sleep. Yet, it is close enough to walk to the beach in 2 minutes.

Other popular ex-pat eating places include Lucy’s, Dolar pizza (excellent NY pizza), Ralph’s (British fish and chips) and Bernie’s Lovin’ Oven.

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After nearly 30 years working in technology marketing in the UK and California, I emigrated to Ecuador, for a more balanced lifestyle and the luxury of living and working by the beach. Now, I help startups and small businesses with their Internet marketing.
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