Mounthly Archives: January 2013

Rocks Walk and Sands Shift at Capaes!

When you buy a house at the beach, and then overnight the beach is overrun by rocks, it is a bit disconcerting. Are the rocks walking, or is the sand shifting? Or is it a bit of both?

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Who Cleans Salinas and Chipipe Beach?

Even in high season, the two main beaches in Salinas are usually spotless and the sea is clear of trash. How is this possible, when a few thousand beach-goers hit the beaches every weekend from January thru March?

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Tired of Ceviche? Get some red meat!

Had enough fish? You’ll find the best American style burgers and steaks at the Hostal Aqui in Salinas. The owners, Wil and Wendy from North Carolina have got it down. Thursday nights is steak night, with the most fabulous, succulent steaks you can imagine.

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