View of Canoa Beach

Birds eye view of Canoa Beach

Canoa Beach

A busy weekend with lots of shade tents © Presidencia de la República del Ecuador

Canoa Beach North

Main part of Canoa beach facing north to the bluffs

Canoa Beach Surfing

Canoa has a moderate beach break, good for all surfing abilities © Surtrek

Canoa Beach South

From the main part of Canoa Beach,it stretches for another 15 km to the south. © Fenn Bruns

Canoa Beach Town

There's not much here! The few upmarket hotels are on the Ruta del Spondylus.

Canoa Beach Mainstreet

Mainstreet in Canoa is pretty basic. Except for the Ruta del Spondylus all roads are dirt roads.

Canoa Beach Horse Riding

Canoa is one of the more popular beaches for horse riding on the beach © "Jimonthemove"

Canoa Beach Rivers

Kids swimming in one of two river estuaries just outside town © "Jimonthemove"