Las Tunas – Los Ahorcados Sunset

(English) Sunset over Los Ahorcados Islet in front of Ayampe and Las Tunas © Jamc89

Ayampe Beach

View of Ayampe and Las Tunas beaches, and Ayampe river estuary

Ayampe Beach – South

View of Ayampe beach from the river estuary to the south © Giles Braden

Ayampe Beach – Surfing

Ayampe has consistent surf year round with waves up to 12ft © Marilyn Keller

Ayampe Beach – North

Ayampe beach to the north, with Los Ahorcados on the left © Julio Crespo

Ayampe River

Ayampe river estuary, teeming with small fish and birds

Ayampe River – Fishermen

Fishermen using throw-nets in ponds by the Ayampe river

Ayampe River – Bird Watching

Ayampe river is a sanctuary for pelicans, frigates and herons