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Playa Santa MarianitaIt was a solo trip for me. Off to Ecuador February 22, 2014 for a new adventure of new cultures and coastal sunsets. After 2 days in the heart of Quito, (Old Town) and just days before Carnival, I realized This is not the time to drop into Quito and expect your “typical” cultural experience. The city seemed exceedingly fast paced and noisy. Everyone was preparing for their annual celebration of Carnival.

It was raining in the mountains and I happily planned in advance to catch a flight to the coast for some rest and relaxation on the beach before the Ecuadorean masses headed for their beautiful coast, as they do every year as a part of their Carnival holiday, all learned by experience while I was there.

On Monday, February 24th, I hopped on a flight to the coastal city of Manta. My purpose for going to Ecuador was to experience the culture first hand, and then go enjoy and explore a beach community, once again because it was not the time of year to go to the mountainous rainforest either. I had a pre-booked room at one of the B@B’s on thePlaya Santa Marianita beach in the community of Santa Marianita Beach. It was a 20 minute taxi ride from Manta’s Airport.

Arriving before the masses for Carnival I found a magnificently clean, serene, safe, and unpopulated stretch of peaceful beach to unwind and release my cares on the Pacific coast. I will return to that area. It IS gorgeous, quiet, safe day and night to enjoy the splendor of roaring ocean surf, sunshine, and friendly people.

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