Wild horses roaming around Ayangue!

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On our way to Montañita, just after the turning for Ayangue, we came across a family of wild horses, with a new born foal. At first, the foal was lying prone on the ground, with all the other horses gathered round looking at it.

It is a fast road right there, and we thought it had been hit by a car. That’s why we stopped. But it turned out it was just resting from the midday sun.We had heard about wild horses, but this was the first time we saw them.

I don’t suppose they get the best nourishment from the shrubs along the roadside. But for some reason they seem to like hanging out here, wandering aimlessly across the four-lane Ruta Del Spondylus, near a blind corner! The little one hasn’t got much road sense yet!

We’ve been swimming in Ayangue and surfing in Montañita quite a few times these past two months, and we look out for them each time we pass by. They are almost always there. We are not sure if they are really wild, or owned by someone. Whichever the case, they are roaming free!

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