Capaes Beach

Private sandy beach in front of the gated community Cuidadella Los Capaes

Capaes Cuidadella Ocean View

View of ocean and surfing area to the left, taken from the peak of Cuidadella Los Capaes

Los Capaes Sunset

Another lovely sunset in Capaes © Ecuador Beaches

Capaes – Farallon Dillon

The renowned Farallon Dillon hotel, restaurant and maritime museum © Farallon Dillon

Capaes Beach and Cuidadella

View of the Capaes Beach and the Cuidadella taken from Farallon Dillon.

Capaes Beachfront Properties

Luxury beachfront properties at Playa Capaes just before sunset © Ecuador Beaches

Capaes – Rock Pools

Rock pools below the Farallon Dillon, great for kids.