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The Search for a Beach View

0 July 17, 2012 in Beaches by

Have you found your home with a view yet? When we first decided to move to Ecuador, my wife and I spent lots of time online trying to get a handle on the country, and especially where to live in the Santa Elena peninsula. Decent maps are hard to come by, so it is tough to get good information about individual neighborhoods and where they are in relation to the beaches.

There is no Google Streetview, around here you know!  While it is easy enough to distinguish adjacent towns from one another: Chipipe from Salinas for example, at the neighborhood level it is near impossible. When you look at houses and apartments for rent or sale, good pictures are often lacking, and where exactly it is, is often quite a mystery!

The depth and detail is not there, at least not at the level one is accustomed to in the US and Europe. But the information is available, if you look hard enough, it is just that it is not all in one place where you want it!

That is why we decided to pull this site together. To bring some order to all the information out there, and give visitors a fighting chance to orient themselves before arrival! Our goal is to provide the most complete data about all the beaches in Ecuador for people hoping to travel or live here. It’s a mammoth task, so we hope you can contribute your pictures and findings, as well, by joining our blog.

We wish you happy travels in Ecuador, and hope you share your experiences with future visitors. Subscribe to our feed to catch the next post and learn more about visiting the beaches and towns of Ecuador.

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Mark Cowtan
After nearly 30 years working in technology marketing in the UK and California, I emigrated to Ecuador, for a more balanced lifestyle and the luxury of living and working by the beach. Now, I help startups and small businesses with their Internet marketing.
Mark Cowtan

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