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Sling Mud at Baños de San Vicente

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If you think $50, $60 or even $80 in the US for a one hour massage in a fancy spa is a little pricey, you’re in luck at the Baños de San Vicente. The town of San Vicente is about a half hour drive from Salinas, at mile marker 104 on the main road to Guayaquil. At the end of the road (exactly 5 miles from the highway) is an awsome thermal baths where you can lounge around for the whole day, dipping in and out of different mineral pools, steam rooms and getting unusual massage treatments. Entrance is only $2.00 per adult and a massage only $4.00! You can get it all for about $10 per head.


Hot and cold mineral pools are mixed in with mud baths, steam rooms and massage services. You can hang out there all day if you wish, and relieve those aching bones and muscles, while having a full-body skin detox. These mineral baths are believed to have high therapeutic benefits for a range of skin and neurological disorders, and have been around since pre-colonial times.

The massage is something else: you can choose either mud or aloe vera. I chose aloe, and the massage therapist lathered me up in it, using about two litres of the stuff! Don’t be surprised, it’s a completely different experience from a typical spa massage where you are draped, and a lot more primitive. In this case it you are more like swimming in it, it is really intended more as a skin treatment than it is for soothing tired muscles. Nevertheless it was a great experience followed by a super hot eucalyptus steam bath.  My skin was smooth as silk for days afterward.

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